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Manufacturer Log Book

Manufacturer Log Book Service Don’t let Manufacturers convince you that you will lose your warranty if you have your new vehicle serviced anywhere other than in their workshop. Your warranty will remain intact if genuine parts are used and the work is performed by qualified technicians. We carry out log book services as per the […]
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Brakes and Suspension

Brakes and Suspension The brakes, suspension, and steering systems are all major safety components of any vehicle. If something is going wrong with one of them it can seriously affect the performance and the safety of the car. There can be simple issues such as worn brake pads, the wheels being out of alignment or […]
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Engines and Gearboxes

Engines and Gearboxes A Gearbox is the device used to increase and decrease torque, a twisting force which causes rotation, through the increase or reduction of speed. Ultimately, the Gearbox is used to change the speed of the vehicle. Auto gearbox repairs are so common as the parts naturally wear down over time due to […]
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Tyres and Wheel Alignment

Tyres and Wheel Alignment Correct wheel alignment simply refers to the measuring and adjusting of your wheels and suspension to ensure that they all point in the right direction. Incorrect alignment can result in rapid irregular tyre wear and can even affect the handling and safety of the vehicle. It is important to get your […]
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Air Conditioning Repairs (AU51636)

Air Conditioning Gas & Repairs Car air conditioners will keep you and your family cool during Summer but are also very important when it comes to clearing up a foggy windscreen. Air conditioning systems contain lots of hoses & seals that can dry out or crack, which can lead to leaks and poor performance. If […]
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Exhaust and Muffler

Exhaust and Muffler Is your exhaust system making troubling noises, or emitting abnormally high levels of fumes? If so, let the technicians at Carlingford Mechanical take a look. Our exhaust system and muffler repair services can make your vehicle safe, easy and quiet to drive. Manufacturer Log Book Brakes and Suspension Engines and Gearboxes Tyres […]
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All Electrical Works

Car Electrical System Repair Our experience and passion for electronics dictates the quality! Here we aim to deliver a professional service based on experience and professional diagnostic equipment. Our technicians are fully trained and qualified to work on all car makes. Most of your electrical issues can be repaired without actually replace the faulty part. […]
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